LA Weekly Artopia 2014
Thursday, May 15, 2014
7:00 pm - 11:00 pm

Grand Central Market
317 Broadway
Los Angeles, CA 90013

Curated by Shana Nys Dambrot, Artopia will feature live art, music, fashion, and film that are sure to shock and surprise you!



HUEMAN was born in the San Francisco Bay Area in 1985 and currently lives and works in Los Angeles, CA. She received her BA from UCLA in 2008. She has an upcoming solo show at Project Gallery, Los Angeles in June (2014), most recently shown at Think Tank, Los Angeles (2013); Ian Ross Gallery, San Francisco (2013); Design Matters Gallery, Los Angeles (2013); Hold Up Art, Los Angeles (2011). Her work has been included in noted group shows at La Luz De Jesus Gallery, Los Angeles (2014); EAT YOUR ART OUT, Los Angeles (2013/2012); Art Share LA, Los Angeles (2012); Hive Gallery, Los Angeles (2012), White Walls Gallery, San Francisco (2012). As a muralist, HUEMAN has painted walls around the world. Most recently she collaborated with RISK at the intersection of 3rd and Main in DTLA. In 2014 Nike, Converse, Revolt TV, and TRUTH.org commissioned her for high profile and impactful projects.

As a graphic designer, HUEMAN'S client list includes; Disney, Playboy, The North Face, Interscope Records, Universal Music Group, MTV, Hyundai, Procter & Gamble, and innovative startup companies.

HUEMAN is inspired by nature, by psychology, and by dreams. A true freestyler, she goes with the moment, conveying the kind of impressions that linger on the mind in the wake of sensual experience. Work often begins by throwing paint in an unpredictable manner, leaving it to dry overnight, then interpreting the random composition. HUEMAN prefers to let her work do the talking.

Jim Mahfood


*Jim Mahfood **aka Food One* was born on March 29, 1975 in St. Louis, MO. He was raised on a steady diet of classic cartoons, comic books, Star Wars, and his mom's eclectic vinyl record collection. He began his professional art career at age 15, working for Artline Studios under the tutelage of artist Lorenzo Lizana. At age 18, he left home and moved to Kansas City to attend the Kansas City Art Institute. There he met Mike Huddleston and formed the studio: *40oz Comics*. A sacred bond was created, with Mike penciling and Jim inking, and the two produced hundreds of comic book pages together. Most of this material would never see the light of day. Frustrated with rejection, Jim started self-publishing his own work in 1995 with the first issue of *Girl Scouts*. This would eventually lead to him scoring his first big break in 1997 with Marvel Comics, writing and drawing the bizarre X-Men related *Generation X Underground Special*. And from there, Mahfood's career has branched off into the fields of illustration, advertising, murals, fine art, animation, live art in nightclubs, and custom body-painting. He has worked for every major comic book company, and his freelance clients include:

*Playboy*, Disney, Armani, Nissan, NBC, Sony, Comedy Central, TIGI, MTV, Pabst Blue Ribbon, Tuff Gong, Titmouse, Cartoon Network, *Spin Magazine*, View Askew, *Spectrum Illustration Annual*, *Star Wars Gamer*,*URB*, *The Hollywood Reporter*, *BPM*, *The Phoenix New Times*, Rhymesayers Entertainment, Ubiquity Records, Hollywood Records, Indyground Entertainment, *Mad Magazine*, *Heavy Metal*, and more

Highlights of his career include: illustrating director Kevin Smith's *Clerks* comics, handling the art chores on the entire ad campaign for Colt 45 malt liquor in 2007-08, painting the murals on Comedy Central's*Sarah Silverman Show*, illustrating the *Kickpuncher* comic book that was included in the Season 1 DVD of NBC's hit show *Community*, illustrating and art-directing reggae legend Ziggy Marley's *MarijuanaMan*project, and providing custom car art for Nissan's new "Juke" Artist Series. His current projects include: illustrating custom bottles for Bed Head hair products, developing the animated show *Disco Destroyer* (with Scott Mosier and Joe Casey) for Titmouse and MTV's *Liquid Television*, and providing all the art on the new Tank Girl series: *Everybody Loves Tank Girl*. Food One also continues to work on *Los Angeles Ink Stains* as an on-going, never-ending series, with new installments appearing on a somewhat regular basis on his website:www.jimmahfood.com. His popular podcast "The Beat Bee Sessions" (with co-host Jane Dope) can be downloaded for free at: *http://thebeatbeesessions.libsyn.com/webpage*.

Bohemian Society


Victor Wilde (b. Brooklyn, 1976) founded fashion and lifestyle label The Bohemian Society in Downtown LA in 2003, where he continues to live, work, and produce his signature brand of post-punk couture. An emerging staple of international progressive fashion, Wilde's designs and custom pieces can be seen everywhere from Tokyo Fashion Week to MTV to the avant-garde stage. With a background in visual and performance art, Wilde approaches fashion as an artistic undertaking, pursuing a combination of mixed-media design and hand-wrought craft, incorporating elements of painting, text, and sculptural assemblage into the fine-art clothing that bears his crest. Wilde sees fashion as the ultimate forum for a literally and metaphorically collaborative, interactive art form. When Wilde says he thinks of fashion as an art form, he doesn't mean you should frame your clothes. He means he wants his clients to be delighted and surprised to encounter clothing that makes them feel the way art is supposed to make people feel -- smart and emotional and kindred to something outside themselves; reflective of something hidden and essential about the world; beautiful and dark with evidence of its how it was made inherent in the finished object; enduring, but of its time.

Ramiro Gomez


Ramiro Gomez was born on June 24th, 1986 in San Bernardino, CA. His parents emigrated from Mexico and established themselves in the Inland Empire region east of Los Angeles. Growing up in a working class Latino family provided the young Ramiro with the experiences and stories that are reflected in his art.

In 2009, Gomez moved to West Hollywood, CA and took a live-in nanny job with an affluent family. Here he observed the many Latino workers who would arrive daily to assist in the household maintenance. He empathized with their work and began a series of observational paintings that would later form the body of work he titled "Happy Hills". The Artist explains that the paintings document the "...predominantly Latino workforce who work tirelessly behind the scenes to maintain the beautiful imagery of these affluent areas."

Through the help of social media, Gomez's unsanctioned cardboard cutout street installations in affluent communities, along with his paintings on material such as magazine, which he refers to as "interruptions", began to garner worldwide attention for it's charming qualities and deep, social commentary. Gomez's process can be viewed as a modern art practice blending Social Realism, Urban Interventionism, Arte Povera and Street Art. The immigrant experience is the exclusive focus of Ramiro and he continues to expand his work in a unique, public manner that honors the contributions of the many individuals who work diligently on a daily basis to provide a better life for themselves and their families.



future . roots . radio

dublab is a non-profit web radio station and creative collective devoted to the growth of positive music, arts and culture.

dublab is a community supported web radio station and creative collective dedicated to the growth of progressive music, arts and culture. We have been broadcasting since 1999. More than 300,000 international listeners connect to our streams & podcasts monthly. dublab's mission is to share beautiful music via the world's best djs. What you hear on dublab crosses genres and defies classification. Unlike traditional radio, the dublab djs have total freedom of selection. We have extended our creative action to include the production of original art exhibits, film projects, highly-themed events and record releases. The dublab echo continues to expand across the Earth.

The Record Company

In the short span of 2 years, THE RECORD COMPANY (Los Angeles, CA) has gone from recording their junkiest instruments in the bass player's living room to playing with a diverse range of music's top acts including BB King, Buddy Guy, Charles Bradley, The Wood Brothers, Social Distortion, and Robert Randolph. This rock/roots/blues trio has been described by Time Out L.A. as if "John Lee Hooker and The Stooges had a love-child".

Their music has been featured in over 27 commercial, film, and television placements including ads for Coors Light, Subaru, ABC's "Nashville", CBS's "CSI: Crime Scene Investigation" and the theatrical trailer for "Last Vegas" starring Robert DeNiro, Michael Douglas, Morgan Freeman and Kevin Kline. See the trailer here (the song runs from :50–1:20).

The band's live show has quickly become acclaimed throughout North America and has drawn capacity audiences from Los Angeles to Montreal. With their debut EP Superdead, released in September 2012, the band has received strong airplay at AAA and college radio throughout the United States and Canada and have been featured on L.A. Weekly, Time Out L.A. and XPN/The Key.

The band has just released a followup EP called Feels So Good (11/13) had a recent feature on NPR station KPCC's show "Take Two and last summer performed at the Montreal Jazz Festival, Summerfest (Milwaukee), Quebec City International Summer Festival, Ottawa Bluesfest, Ottawa Folkfest, and Harvest Jazz and Blues Festival amongst others. The band has also gained a new fanbase by way of their cover of the Grateful Dead's "New Speedway Boogie", which was chosen by The Dead as one of the top covers of their "Dead Covers Project". The band was featured by The Dead on their website (dead.net ) for the month of July 2013.

While never trying to simply emulate the great masters, the band have found their own fresh take on the music and can best be described as a group giving a 21st century nod to a timeless art form.

The Peach Kings

THE PEACH KINGS (Los Angeles, CA) are Texas-born Paige Wood and Silver Lake, Los Angeles native Steven Trezevant Dies.

Formed in San Francisco, the band currently lives and works in Los Angeles, California.

The band's newest EP, Mojo Thunder, comes out June 3rd, 2014. Transient Within days of meeting back in 2010, THE PEACH KINGS had a their name and a growing catalog of songs. A few months later, THE PEACH KINGS, won the first place title as Alternative Apparel's "2010 Unsigned Artist of the Year" after going head to head against four other contenders in a battle of the bands.

Since the victory, the THE PEACH KINGS have self released two EPs (Trip-Wop and Handsome Moves) and established themselves in the Los Angeles indie rock scene, scoring major radio play in LA (KCRW, KPCC, and KCSN), as well as on other national radio stations in Austin, TX, Pittsburgh, PA, and beyond.

In 2011, THE PEACH KINGS were hand selected and photographed by Drew Barrymore for a feature in V Magazine, alongside WARPAINT, THE DRUMS, MAYOR HAWTHORNE, M83, MAC MILLER, and others.

THE PEACH KINGS music has been featured in dozens of TV shows, movies, and commercials. Most recently, "Fisherman" and "Like A Stone" were featured in the last two episodes of SHOtime's Shameless season 4, "Thieves & Kings" was used as the "previously on" theme song for season 4 of HBO's Boardwalk Empire, and AUDI filmed THE PEACH KINGS to be featured in their upcoming digital campaign for the new Audi Connect.

The band has played extensively in the Los Angeles area, with past residencies at The Bootleg Theater, The Satellite, and Harvard & Stone, as well as main headline support at local festivals like Make Music Pasadena in 2012 and 2013 and Sunset Strip Music Fest. Though they have not toured much outside of California, they continue to make fans all around the world, sending vinyls across North America all the way to places like Guam, Brazil, EU and Istanbul.

While THE PEACH KINGS remain unsigned, they continue to create music in their own home as well as through collaborations with companies like MOPHONICS MUSIC & SOUND, PUSHER, and BLUE MICROPHONES.

Stripped down, THE PEACH KINGS sound rests on the interplay of Paige's dynamic vocal range and Steven's tendency toward riff based guitar. What you end up with is a mixture somewhere between Portishead and Led Zeppelin, The Kills and Nancy Sinatra, The Cramps and Roy Orbison. After all is said and done, THE PEACH KINGS arrive at a sound that is wholly their own; music that is modern, yet timeless.

Jason Shawn Alexander

Jason Shawn Alexander's work has been the subject of number of solo exhibitions, including the Corey Helford Gallery, Culver City, CA, and 101/exhibit, Los Angeles & Miami, FL, where he is currently represented. In 2009 his portrait hung in the Smithsonian National Portrait Gallery, Washington, DC. His work is collected both in the US and abroad. A keen autodidact, Alexander pulls from the vulnerability, fear, and underlying strength of his rural upbringing, just outside of the haunting home of the Delta Blues. Encouraged by his factory-employed father to pursue a career as an artist, Alexander accrued through staunch pragmatism and southern tenacity an extensive knowledge of fine art. Citing major influences in Francis Bacon, Anselm Kiefer, Kathe Kollwitz, Cy Twombly, and Patrick Graham; his earliest and enduring inspirations came from the art books kept by his father of Rembrandt, Michelangelo, Goya, and Degas. Alexander's career started when his self-published illustrations caught the attention of mainstream and independent comic book publishers. Alexander worked for years as a draftsman for Marvel, DC, Dark Horse, and Oni Press. His friendship with renowned painter Kent Williams found the two sharing a studio for a time, painting side by side. Today, he has worked his way to prominence as an authentic leading voice among contemporary American figurative painters.

Debi Cable's 3D Gallery


Debi Cable is dominating the Los Angeles Art Scene and rising to become the hottest black light artist in the country.

Cable's hand painted fluorescent 2D murals are enhanced by her signature Black light 3D Glasses, which explode the masterpieces into a visual 3D Carnival for your eyes, soul and imagination.

Preferring to work on a large scale, current completed works include a 120’ Koi Fish Mural at 415 Main Street that is Blacklight reactive. The Michelangelo-esque hand plastered Kitchen Table Restaurant across the street at 410 Main Street that is complete with flying Cherubs.

A Southern California native, Debi Cable was recognized early in her career, showing works in the prestigious "Festival of Arts" in Laguna Beach, California , and for several years at the Sawdust Festival. This experience opened doors for her in Las Vegas where Debi was drawn to paint some of the most amazing hotels, casinos and private residences in the world.

A resident of the Brewery Art Colony, Cable is as active in promoting art as she is creating it. Debi sits on several committee's that market the vibrant arts scene in Downtown LA.

Debi was Co-founder & Art Curator for Pershing Square's Art Squared Gallery, and presently donates her time as the Burning Man Regional Arts Director for LA, bringing vast, public attention to some of today's hottest artists.

Debi Cable's 3D art Gallery has been featured at many Music and art festivals around Western America and was Named Trippiest thing at Electric Dasiy Carnival by Spin Magazine.